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contact tracers are probing gay bars and spas as they scramble to contain an outbreak of the rare disease.
Health chiefs in the UK are 'actively investigating' venues visited by six homosexual and bisexual men who tested positive in the past week.
They include bars, clubs and saunas, according to an update by the (WHO).
Six of Britain's nine confirmed cases are men who have sex with men, which officials say is 'highly suggestive of spread in sexual networks'.
A similar pattern is emerging in Europe, where seven gay or bisexual men have tested positive in Spain and nine 'mostly young' males in Portugal.
The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) today issued a direct plea to men to be vigilant for new rashes on their face or genitals. 
Experts fear the known cases are the tip of the iceberg because the majority of patients are not linked to each other, suggesting it is spreading more widely.
Nine Britons have been diagnosed with monkeypox and all but one of them appear to have contracted it in the UK.

The original UK patient had brought the virus back from Nigeria, where the disease is widespread. At least three patients are receiving care at specialist NHS units in London and Newcastle
Seven countries outside of Africa have confirmed or suspected cases of monkeypox.

Patients with confirmed monkeypox have been recorded in the UK, US, Spain, Sweden, Italy and Portugal, while Canada is probing potential cases
The WHO released an update on monkeypox last night that included a section on the situation in the UK.
It came before two more cases in gay or bisexual British men were announced.
The WHO said: 'Health authorities in the UK have established an incident management team to coordinate the extensive contact tracing which is currently underway in health care settings and the community for jeepininmidwest.com those who have had contact with the confirmed cases.

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